About Us

What is TBC Global Exchange?

TBC Global Exchange is a System was created to help the TBC (The Billion Coin) on its mission “Ending Poverty Globally”

This system will help TBC Holder and Merchants to sustain their cash flow for their personal or business needs.

This System offer different Services.

  • Exchange - all our members will be able to exchange their TBC (The Billion Coin) into BTC (BITCOIN).
  • Prepaid account/Card- All member will have prepaid accoun/ Card that can be load using BTC and TBC and it can be use to buy different products from our online store and from our merchants partner.
  • Online shopping- all members can avail different products and Services using TBC Prepaid account/Card.
  • Advertising Services- website adverting space, Social Media Advertising. all our merchants partner will get free adverting services from our system.
  • Business and Marketing training using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Youtube)


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